EgyptWeb is a World Class leader in providing e-consultancy value services for organizations in Egypt and the Region; seeking to enhance business performance. At EgyptWeb we use our wide range of expertise and research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions to help companies solve business problems or grasp opportunities on Return On Investment (ROI) basis. With a wide experience in Business a s well as ICT, EgyptWeb has a proven track record for assisting companies define goals and opportunities to increase business efficiency and reduce costs. For this, EgyptWeb uses a wide network of business as well as ICT consultants, to enable your business through Business Intelligence (BI).

    At EgyptWeb we understand your requirements through analyzing your value chain management and studying your business environment to provide your company and customers with ICT solutions consultancy on a value for money basis.

e-Consultancy Services include:
  • ICT enabling: Modeling and designing your business value chain to increase efficiency and reduce costs and time.
  • Web enabling: Modeling and designing your e-commerce and e-marketing solutions on the Internet.
  • Training: Offering a wide range of e-Business training for your key employees and managers.
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