EgyptWeb is a World Class leader in providing e-commerce value services for organizations in Egypt and the Region; seeking to open new sales channels worldwide. At EgyptWeb we use our wide range of expertise and research in e-commerce solutions to help businesses maximize sales, on Return On Investment (ROI) basis. With a wide experience in e-commerce, EgyptWeb has a proven track record for assisting companies define opportunities to increase local, regional or worldwide sales. For this, EgyptWeb uses a wide network of business as well as ICT specialists, to enable your business reach global markets in different sectors - both B2C and B2B- using secure e-commerce solutions.

    At EgyptWeb we understand your requirements through analyzing your sales chain management and studying your potential markets to provide your company and customers with the most convenient e-commerce solution on a value for money basis.

e-Commerce Services include:
  • e-Catalogs: Modeling and designing your e-catalogs on the web to ensure maximum usability.
  • Shopping Baskets: Modeling and designing your shopping basket to ensure maximum performance.
  • Merchant Accounts: Offering a wide range of merchant accounts’ services to enable your business to receive online Internet payments with highest security.
  • B2B Selling Chain Management: Offering a wide range of B2B selling chain management programs to enable organizations manage B2B transactions.
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