EgyptWeb is a World Class leader in providing e-marketing value services to organizations in Egypt and the Region; seeking to market their products and services worldwide. At EgyptWeb we use our wide range of expertise and research in e-marketing solutions to help businesses reach their customers on Return On Investment (ROI) basis. With a wide experience in e-marketing, EgyptWeb has a proven track record for assisting companies define goals and plan the matching marketing program in order to achieve and continuously measure the required objectives. For this, EgyptWeb uses a network of marketing as well as ICT specialists, to enable your business reach target groups in global markets -both B2B and B2C- using state of the art Internet technologies.

    At EgyptWeb, we understand your requirements through analyzing your value chain management and studying your target markets to enable your company reach its target customers using the most effective e-marketing solution on a value for money basis.

e-Marketing Services include:
  • Corporate Portals: Re-engineering your web site based on ROI marketing models. In the mean time using online measurement techniques to assess objective realization.
  • e-mail Marketing: Reaching your potential customers in Egypt, the region and worldwide through target database marketing of over 30 Million e-mails.
  • e-Advertising: Offering different advertising campaigns from awareness and brand building to promotion and sales through Banner advertising, Banner exchange and linking models.
  • Event Triggered Marketing: Offering a wide range of advertising and sales promotion models through event triggered marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Reaching your potential customers in Egypt, the region and worldwide through search engine optimization techniques to maximize ranking.
  • Promotional CDs: Modeling and designing your corporate CDs based on ROI marketing models.
  • Marketing Research: Enabling organizations with Business Intelligence using different Internet marketing research techniques.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Enabling organizations to retain customers and promote loyalty through Internet customer service techniques, as well as to plan future products and services through better understanding customers.
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